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About Us

Divorce Attorneys and Family Law for Women

The Law Firm of VICTORIA is the leading Family Law Firm in Southeast Michigan representing women only. Our attorneys have the most experience representing only women in divorce and other family law matters, and we have a proven track record handling the simplest to the most complex divorce and family law issues for women. Three of VICTORIA's Senior Attorneys each have over 30 years of experience. Simply put, We know the law and how it affects women.

Going through a divorce or just considering divorce can make you feel lost, vulnerable and overwhelmed. You're not sure what to do or where you can turn for help. You need guidance to know which direction to take and how to best secure your future for you and your family. Our divorce attorneys at The Law Firm of VICTORIA can help you find your way to a new beginning and a brighter tomorrow.

If you're already going through a divorce and you do not have the right divorce attorney, it's never too late to find the attorney who you feel is right for you. The relationship you have with your divorce attorney is so important because the outcome of your divorce will affect the rest of your life.

When you come to VICTORIA, you will have on your side an experienced and dedicated team of family law and divorce attorneys who take an aggressive but fair approach to meeting your goals. Our mission is to protect your rights and secure a fair and equitable settlement for you.

Do not let anyone convince you that one attorney can handle the divorce for both of you. You need your own attorney who has your best interests in mind, and who will fight for what is most important to you. You may be entitled to things you do not even know about, that could make a substantial difference in the quality of your life.

Some attorneys may promise to do the same job for less money. We offer quality legal services at competitive rates. Other attorneys may make unrealistic promises that your lifestyle will not change after your divorce. We work with you through every step of the divorce process, letting you know your realistic options so you can make the right choices each step of the way.

For over twelve years, VICTORIA's divorce attorneys have been giving of their personal time to hold free seminars, so all women can be educated about the divorce process and how they can be prepared if divorce ever happens to them.

Contact Us today to speak to one of our divorce and family law attorneys, schedule a private consultation or take advantage of one of our free seminars.

Dennis Zamplas - Founder And Managing Partner

Dennis Zamplas, VICTORIA's founding attorney, was admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 1974 and has practiced family law throughout his career as a litigator. In addition, he is admitted to both the Eastern and Western Districts of the Federal District Court in Michigan, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

His education includes a B.S.M.E. from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University. He is active in a variety of charitable and political causes throughout Michigan.

It was during his years of service as a Divorce Recovery Facilitator that Dennis discovered how many women suffer from inadequate representation in the divorce process, and are left to make uninformed choices. Recognizing the need for family law and divorce attorneys who dedicate themselves to providing individualized attention to women's needs, Dennis founded the Law Firm of Victoria in 1997. He has since built the firm into a group of divorce and family law attorneys that is known in the legal community as doing excellent work and never wavering from its mission to fight for what is fair and most important to women.

Victoria's Professional Staff And Team Approach

Our Firm uses a team approach in each case. A specific team is selected based on the circumstances that are involved. This approach not only combines years of experience to benefit our clients, but also allows greater accessibility when the client needs their attorney.

Our lawyers are recognized as experts in the area of divorce and family law and have been invited to speak for various organizations, schools, and media about divorce and family law issues concerning women. Our lawyers also donate their time as a public service, to hold free seminars each month so women can learn about the divorce process.

VICTORIA's entire staff is friendly, competent, understanding and devoted to representing women. They continuously work hard to make you feel comfortable when you visit or call our offices. When it comes to Client Relations, our staff is number one!